It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…

Hey hey hey, what’s up you crazy cats. I’m sorry that this site has been inactive for so long. About a year ago a good friend of mine introduced me to these sweet machines called Multirotors or quadcopter but best known as drones. Now the ones I enjoy flying are not the ones that have 4K camera: on them and fly around all slow taking video and crashing into planes or buildings or brides. What I fly are called Racing Quadcopters, I do enjoy a hexacopter every now and again but quadcopters are currently the most popular setup. If this sounds interesting to you check out my other WordPress blog fullthrottlequadsrt I just started it so the content is still growing or check out my YouTube channels which has a good amount of videos to choose from it is also called fullthrottlequadsrt. My goal is to post about once a week or once every two weeks it just depends on how caught up I am on my videos and other blogs. So thanks for checking out my blog and stay tuned for new material. And don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and Comment.