Review: Wazoo Bushcraft Necklace

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Hows it going my friends, its been a while but I am back and hope to be posting more great reviews and tips and tricks for the everyday survivalist. Since we last talked I have picked up a few new hobbies and started a few new ventures. If your interested check out my two new YouTube channels fullthrottlelighters and fullthrottlequadsrt. Also I posted a couple product reviews from this site as well to under pnwtactical.

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Okay now lets get started. Recently Wazoo which is an amazing company, with the best slogan ever, saying that there products will save your wazoo and that couldn’t be any more spot on. They have some of the most innovative and creative and damn cool looking gear on the market today. They reached out to me and asked if I could review a couple of their products for them and boy was I more then thrilled to do so. I was just a giddy as a little school girl when that first package arrived in my mail. They sent me a little package with a few different products for me to review. Seeing how this is my first time reviewing for them they sent me a some little survival products to see how I do and to get my feet wet. Well those little pieces of equipment really make a huge impact on any go bag, or first aid kit, or even as an add on to your EDC gear. I was able to incorporate all three products to my EDC gear and I couldn’t even tell that I added 3 new pieces and those pieces became the most essential pieces I carry. One was the Bushcraft Necklace. it is this great looking leather strap necklace with a shard of ceramic and faracerium rod attached. Now just for you folks who read that are are like what in the world is a faracerium rod. Well faraceium is a man made metal, it is an amazing fire starter tool. It was made so that when you scrap it using a hard object like ceramic it will shave tiny particles off the rod and when those tiny partical are shaved off and hit the air the oxygen will cause the faracerium to com-bust and create a little molten metal spark that will start a fire in no time for you. The necklace is super light weight and you can barely tell you are wearing it. Ever since the first day i received it i haven’t taken it off only a handful of times to start a fire using the attached tools. One thing to remember is that when you order your necklace and i promise you will order one don’t throw away the attached Jute rope, it has been dipped in beeswax and makes an amazing tinder and will help you start a fire in no time or you can use it to practice starting a fire with your new survival gear(but make sure you are outside when doing this so as not to create a fire that can cause damage to your home and to people. Remember safety first and always put a humans life a head of using any type of equipment. Remember guys life is precious and you and everyone else are irreplaceable. Its one of the reasons i do this blog so that I can help you stay alive when you go out to do recreational activities that you love in the great outdoors, to make sure you come home safe to your loved ones). To practice using your new necklace take the Jute rope and tear it up into tiny strands and fluff it up in a pile. Take your necklace and slide the faracerium rod to one end and hold the rod steady in one hand and the ceramic shard steady in the other hand. Place the ceramic piece above the faracerium rod and scrape the rod using medium pressure and in a backwards motion towards your body against the ceramic in a steady quick motion. Now it doesn’t have to be lightening fast but you want to be quick enough to produce sparks. The faracerium was engineered for this purpose so it will create the sparks fairly easily. If done correct huge sparks of molten faracerium will fly off the rod. Now the reason I am telling you to do it this way and not to just slam the ceramic into the rod is because if you do it the way i just explained you should be able to control where the flames are going making it much easier to start a fire where you want to and not have the sparks flying all over the place starting little bush fires here and there and you are running around like a fool putting out small fires before they become forest fires(just kidding that would only happen Mel Brooks movie.

bushcraft necklace1

I love my Bushcraft necklace and I wear it everyday. The one and only thing I think I would say that they could improve on is by making it come in at least two sizes. I have a huge head and I had to slide the slip knot all the way to the biggest setting to get it around this giant melon of a head I have on my shoulders. The slip knot they use was a great idea and I think two sizes would be able to cover pretty much everyone. This necklace has been a great conversation starter for me, I have had many random conversations with people in the grocery line, or at the bar, or dog park. By the way the dog park is a great place to meet women and I have had plenty of conversations with many beautiful women there with just the help of mans best friend but with the addition of this interesting piece of gear it has made the conversations that much better, think you are some sort of magician when you cause giant sparks to fly out of your hand. People always tease magic but girls love it even if they don’t say so everyone secretly loves magic and even though making sparks with a fire starter isn’t magic who says you can’t pretend right? heck if its gonna get a you a one of gods greatest achievements to sit across from you on a lunch or dinner date then heck I say do what you gotta do. Well guys that’s the basic’s of using this amazing article of bushcraft accessories. When you visit their website to purchase your very own bushcraft necklace make sure to browse and check out all the other cool stuff they have, you will find yourself spending hours looking at every product and reading every description just because you can’t get enough of their creative ideas to Save Your Wazoo. So push that buy button and hit that plus sign and buy a couple of them for your brothers or your dad and your friends they will worship the ground you walk on when you give it to them.

Ex-claimer: Wazoo provided me with the Bushcraft Necklace free of charge in exchange to do a product review and write a review on their website. This in no way effected my opinion of the product. I truly do love this and plan on buying it for my brother in laws. I am here to bring you an unbiased opinion so that when you go to purchase a product you are armed with as much knowledge as possible and feel comfortable about the purchase you just made. Their are so many different products out there to choose from that its hard to know what is good and what is bad and I hope I can help you navigate those waters. I want to make sure that when you head into those woods, or go to bed at night that you are safe and will come home to your loved ones or are able to protect your loved ones from any sort of threat. Prevention and proper preparation is the key to this, so educate yourself because knowledge is power.




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