Xikar Tech Double Jet Flames Torches


Sup Y’all

I’m baaack, I hope you all are more happy I’m back then mad that I was gone for over a year. Well I do apologize my life  sdave to give all you guys who come to my blog and read a huge thank you. It’s unbelievable how many visits I’m getting a day.  Okay enough of this sappy stuff back to what you came here for. 
 I bet you are sitting here like why in the world am I reading about a Jet Torchs on my survival tools blog. Well in my opinion what kind of lighter would work better in a cold, wet, maybe windy situation….a Jet Torch of course. Now there are better ones out there for surviving in harsh climates but a Jet Torch such as the Xikar Tech would be more than adequate for camping in the woods during Summer, Spring. I am personally loving this little work horse. Well let’s jump in and take a look around.lll  the 

pee you right ther rolling your eyes just bare with me or skip to the next paragraph, j/k guys. The company was started in 1994, when now  President Kurt Van Keppel decided he wanted to buy a good cigar not only then to ruin it because he couldn’t find good cigar cutters. He found that it didn’t matter how much money he spent they always were underperforming. So he set out with vice President Scott Almsberger to match good design with the best styling and materials you can find. The final result which took them 6 months is what we know as the market leader in cigar cutlery, The Xi cutter which was first assembled and ship from his garage in 1996. The word Xikar originated from sikar which is believe to be the first Spanish spelling for Cigar. 

Xikar’s Corporate Mission is to Serve a Great Products. They are dedicated to providing value to consumers through unique, artful cutlery at a fair price. They will provide these products through honest and ergonomic design to achieve superior form, feel and function. One of my personal favorite aspects of Xikar and its oproducts is that they offer a full lifetime warranty on all their products. Xikar’s team is dedicated to providing value through honest and ergonomic design at a fair price. On his design stands for consideration of function, we’re going on the comfort with simple, clean lines and lack of superfluous decoration on the product. Xikar has four fundamentals that all products must meet. 


  • Function: Product must be extremely high functioning, meet their high standards poll
  • Opiijlmechanical and material quality. 
  • Form: All products should meet two sayings “Easy on the Hand” and “Easy on the Eyes”. By this they mean the product should be ergonomic and artful. Beautiful design enhances the enjoyment and experience of the product. 
  • Fair: All products are set to a fair price. 
  • Forever: Lifetime unconditional guarenas on all Xikar products. 

 I hope you all enjoyed that little history lesson on Xikar. Now it’s time to start digging into the family of Tech Jet Torches. The Xikar Tech comes in 4 different Jet Flames and 3 different colors. Tech lighters feature a large fuel tank, and three different joke flames and durable body style that achieves Xikar’s commitment to form, feel, and function. Tech lighters combine a sleek transparent body design that comes in Blue, Black, and Clear with solid metal construction at an affordable price. Their design is what makes them great for outdoors usage and camping. 


Product Details

  • Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Jet Flames
  • Auto-Open Lid
  • Durable Body Style
  • Oversized flame adjustment wheel
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Large fuel tank for prolong life span
  • Simple Thumb Ignition

NWTacticals Personal Opinion:

Xikar’s Tech cigar lighter is an awesome little powerhouse. You can defiantly see from the body style that it is competing with Blazers Little Buddy. Today’s Tech that I am personally reviewing is the Double Jet Flame in black which burns two immensely hot Blue flames that range from about half an inch to 2 1/2 inches. One thing that sets the Tech apart from the rest of Xikar’s lighters is that it is mostly plastic body which is what makes it ideal for camping. (Xikar does have a model that is for High Altitude, Water Resistent and Wind Proof. This model is called the Stratosphere, if you would like to look it up.) The upside to the plastic body is that you are keeping the cost down while delivering a durable and reliable Torch. NWTactical is a huge fan of single depression of the pusher which automatically opens the lid and ignites the RapidFire ignition. The Tech no only looks good but it feels good when holding it and igniting it, the ergonomics make it very comfortable in your hand. Another reason why this makes a great survival torch is that it has a rather large fuel tank, plus since the tank is made out plastic and is transparent you can always know just how much Butane you have left. At the bottom of the Tech is a huge wheel that encompasses the entire bottom, this wheel is used to adjust the size of the flame which ranges from a 1/2in to 2 1/2in blue flame. 

One important thing to remember is that if you are ulsing this in direct sunlight it can make the flame hard to see almost invisible to the naked eye, you want to stay away from the Jet Flame at all times and do not point it directly at your person or someone else. The Jet Flames reach the very hot 12,000 degrees F, which means what ever you are using the torch on will be extremely hot and make sure to give it time to cool down after exposure to the Jet Flames, also the lid will most likely be hot if you were using for an extended period of time. Xikar recommends that you do not keep the Tech lit for more then 10 seconds at a time. Last but not least remember that the Xikar Tech and all Xikar products come together with a LifeTime Warrenty so when you get your Tech go online and register it, also when you register your lighter Xikar will send you a very stylish Leather Lighter Carrying Case.


Final Thoughts:

Everyone here at NWTactical is sold on this little spit fire(haha get it, I’m not explaining it so if you don’t leave and don’t come meets all Xikar’s 4 fundamentals in that it is (Form)stylish, ergonomics of the lighter are great, (Function) the automatic lid is a must in my book I’m not trying to light the torch while flipping it open with a different finger. One solid motion will suffice for me. Also I like the see thru fuel compartment. (Fair) All Xikar products are priced accordingly to what you are getting. The Xikar Tech’s price range can vary greatly depending on where you are buying it and what model you want. The best prices you will find will be on Amazon.com. Xikar’s recommended prices are

  • Single Jet Flame in Blue, Black, Clear. Xikar.com is selling them on their website for 29.99. You can find these on   Amazon.com starting at $16+$3 Shipping. My local smoke shop in WA is charging $39.99
  • Double Jet Flame in Blue, Black, Clear Xikar.com is selling them for $44.99. On d they range from $20-$90. At my local smoke shop in WA these were prices at $49.99
  • Triple Jet Flame in Blue, Black, Clear. Xikar is selling them for 59.99. Amazon lists them for $19-$34
  • Quadruple Jet Flame in Blue, Black, Clear retails in my local smoke shop for $74.99. Xikar does not post the Quad Flame on their website and Amazon does not either. In my honest opinion the Triple is more then adequate but hey I’m a man I total understand wanting the biggest and the baddest.

Last but defiantly not the least he’s the type of butane fuel that you use to refill the torch. There are many different types of butane fuel and most will damage or break your torch. My recommendations are to use either

  • Xikar Purofine brand Butane and order it online at Amazon.com unless you can find it cheap at a local smoke shop or hardware store. At my local smoke shop I paid $5 for a bottle that weighs only 1.9oz which I feel like is only going to get me roughly a total of 3-4 refills and depending on how much often you use the lighter and how long you leave it on for at a time. For me this is not good I can go thru a tank in probably two days of  heavy usage. 
  • Newport Ultra Purified Butane with Zero Impurities which you can find for around $9 dollars for a can of 10 ounces which is amazing compares to the $5 I paid for 2 ounces. My friend said he knows a top secret location in WA where he gets bottles of Newport for $3 and that jackass won’t tell me. 
  • Whip-it brand Premium Butane w/ Zero Impurities. Comes in White Box w/ Blue and white writing. Whip It on Amazon.com usually comes in boxes of multiple cans so that’s cool cause you get them cheaper for the more you buy.  I only saw one person selling Whip It for $6 a can. 
  • DO NOT USE VECTOR QUADRUPLE REFINED BUTANE. I filled up my Xikar Tech and after only a couple uses the flames were not reaching the same heights as before and I couldn’t keep it on the lowest setting it would just sputtered out. Once I got home from my friends house I bleed my Xikar empty and refilled it using my Xikar Purofine Butane and it worked instantly you could see that the Jet Flames were bigger and it was also roaring like a jet engine. 

Thank you all for reading and look forward to seeing your comments. If you have a Jet Torch that you love please leave a comment or if you have a brand of Premium Butane please leave a comment with its name.  Vee

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